Building community around and gathering knowledge about the world’s earwigs.


The Dermaptera Species File file offers a community-curated collection of richly-cited and annotated information on the taxonomy of Earth’s earwigs. Data found here come from a collaboratively compiled database originating in an instance of TaxonWorks managed by the Species File Group. See Contribute or get help for how you can participate. This site is built using TaxonPages, learn more here. For more on how this site is built please see the Software section.

Project development and maintenance

Heidi HopkinsAuthor
Fabian HaasData Provider
Lesley S. DeemEditor
Michael D. Maehr*Author
David C. Eades*Developer

* Past contributor, now inactive.

Contribute or get help

The Earth’s biodiversity is vast, the data captured to describe it are minimal in comparison, but still immense. All projects of this nature contain gaps, i.e. opportunities for collaboration on future work, grants, and research. Known gaps in this project may include an incomplete catalog of type-material, incomplete photographic depictions, missing biological associations, incomplete distribution records, and more. Contact us to Report a problem or offer data (bugs or data issues) on our issue tracker if you would like to help us address these or other gaps in the data, or if you find a bug.

Extended data access

A goal of these pages is to ensure that the underlying data behind them are accessible in their digital format. By diversifying the ways the data are accessible (e.g. on the web page, in JSON, in Darwin Core standard), we increase the opportunities to both spot errors and provide new services and portals.

  • Researchers working on this project use their rich, multi-faceted access to the data via TaxonWorks’ interfaces (e.g. filters, reporting, downloads). Access requires a project account, see Contribute or get help.
  • Data behind individual panels per page can be seen via the Sitemap functionality.
  • Each page offers an option to download a DarwinCore formatted table containing all data for this taxon and its children.
  • Panel data (each section on a page) and other information not available on these pages are accessible via a TaxonWorks API at https://sfg.taxonworks.org/api/v1.
  • Core taxonomic data are exported to and available at the Catalogue of Life and its associated API.


These pages are built with open-source software. Read more here about what drives them and how they are supported by the Species File Group and their many collaborators. To get further involved join weekly support meetings here.


Our former website is now a read-only resource available at http://dermaptera.archive.speciesfile.org.

As of August 2023 all data in the former Species File Websites were frozen and shortly thereafter migrated to TaxonWorks. As with all migrations of this nature the process is both lossy (e.g. some data could not be mapped with certainty) and improved (e.g. semantics of the new models have more precision and clarity). The old website remains an excellent resource for fact-checking this migration. If you spot something that needs attention, please see Contribute or get help.

Support and funding

This Species File functionality and content is serviced in part by the Species File Group.

Terms of use

copyrightUnless otherwise noted (e.g. image licenses may vary) all content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. (CC-BY)